Welcome to Our Website!


Welcome to my website.

I’m Makiko Nakagawa(中川 麻紀子),
an instructor for art lessons.

The Representative of Studio MK at 油麻地 in HK.

I’m Japanese(日本人), born in Tokyo(東京).
I have lived some places like Nagoya(名古屋),
Chiba(千葉),Nagano(長野), Shizuoka(静岡)
in Japan in my childhood due to my father’s job.

I have been living in Hong Kong since 2017 due to my husband’s job. 
Living in HK is comfortable for me. Because all HK people are so kind.
And then, there are a lot of good things like delicious foods, wonderful nature and nice views, and more and more!
I enjoy living in Hong Kong !

I’m teaching some art lessons at my Studio in HK and online art lessons on Zoom.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. Let’s enjoy Art Lessons together.
Thank you.

Studio MK
Makiko Nakagawa(中川麻紀子)

Art Lessons

1.Tsutefude (伝筆)

“Tsutefude”(伝筆)is a Japanese contemporary calligraphy, looks so cute and make people feel heart-warming.
You will be able to draw such cute characters in just half a day.
Tsutefude(伝筆) has only 7 techniques. 
The other thing you need is a feeling that you want to draw freely.
you can freely express your feelings you want to draw. This is Tsutefude.

I’m the first Tsutefude instructor in HK.
I have already taught over 1,000 students in HK, Taiwan, Singapore.
Next time is your turn!

Tsutefude Lesson

2. Pastel Art (和柄あそび=Wagara asobi)

“和柄あそび=Wagara Asobi “ is a pastel art using traditional Japanese patterns. 
Each Traditional Japanese pattern has a meaning for bringing good luck.
When you draw them, you will get a lot of lucky.

It was devised by Ms. Namiko Maruyama, Japanese Pastel artist. 
Once you have completed the advanced course and registered, you too can become an instructor.

Next time is your turn!

Pastel Art Lesson

3. Glitter Art Japan(きらめく漢字アート)

”Glitter Art Japan” (GAJ) is a new form of art expression!

The sparkling glitter will give you happiness and energy.

The way of writing letters you learn in GAJ can be used in your other art works. It is very useful.

This is the first course in English in the world conducted by Makiko Nakagawa from Studio-MK!

It was devised by Ms. Mami Nomura, Japanese brush pen artist.

I have received exclusive rights from Ms. Mami Nomura (Founder of Glitter Art Japan) as the only partner school to certify overseas (non-Japanese) instructors.

Makiko Nakagawa from Studio MK is the first instructor to teach the English Course of Glitter Art Japan outside of Japan.

Once you have completed the advanced course and registered, you too can become an instructor.

Next time is your turn!

Glitter Art Japan
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