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伝筆(Tsutefude) Advanced Kanji Lesson

About Advanced Kanji Lesson

This is an advanced lesson for who have learned the Basic lesson.

Kanji lesson is very useful for you.

You can learn more techniques for the way to change from Cantonese to Tsutefude.

After the lesson, it will be more fun to write Tsutefude.


Learn some techniques for the way to change from Cantonese to Tsutefude

Make 5 artworks (a coaster, a strip, a postcard, a big board, Calendar,)


〇Time = 4.5 hours including 2 break times.

〇Tuition fee= $2,450HKD
(please pay it in advance after booked)

〇Materials (Included in the tuition) =
the Certificate of Completion, Official textbook, a new black thin brush pen, materials for artworks,

After learning Kanji Lesson

You can participate the other advanced lesson.

There are 3 types of advanced lessons.

You can choose to learn the lessons you want, in any order you want.

Let’s enjoy Tsutefude together!


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